Public breathing seminars with breathing master Dan Brule (USA) in Vilnius July 26- 27, August 2-3.

The Art of Conscious Breathing – A Treasure Hidden Within Us.

🩵 These seminars offer an opportunity to explore your breathing in such a way, to discover the resources hidden within, learn to naturally feel innate joy, freedom, gratitude for life. Using your inner resources, you will learn breathing techniques that reduce stress, help shed fears and tensions, reveal your inner creative potential, and are always accessible to you.


♕ About Dan Brulé:

  • A globally renowned pioneer and teacher of breathing techniques, who has worked with the world’s top recognized medical experts, corporate leaders, and experts in various fields, including Tony Robbins.
  • Author of eight best-selling books in his field. The book “Just Breathe” has been translated into Lithuanian.
  • Master of Prana Yoga and Chi Kung.
  • Since 1970, Dan has personally trained more than 150,000 people in 67 different countries in the use of breathing for self-healing, spiritual awakening, and improving their well-being.
  • Former U.S. Navy Deep Sea Medical Diver and Vietnam veteran.
  • Lifelong learner of the healing arts, Zen, and Meditation.
  • Founded the International Institute of Life Skills and Healing Art.
  • A breathing missionary and guru, who has been traveling the world for over 45 years helping people discover themselves through various breathing techniques.
  • Recognized expert in his field, for whom breathing is a passion and calling.
  • Has helped improve the quality of life for all practitioners of his breathing method.

⚜️ The seminar program includes practical and theoretical conscious breathing practices. BENEFITS – excellent health and stable emotions, vast amounts of energy, rapid restoration of strength, beautiful body shapes, achieved goals, exceeded limits of possibilities, courage, unlocking of creative potential, profound transformation, and spiritual awakening.

⚜️ Breathing seminars – a real opportunity to start (or continue) changing your life from habits to the most important life events.

⚜️ Seminar topics will encompass physiology, psychology, and spirituality. You will learn the basic breathing exercises and personally experience that breathing can be used as a powerful technique for personal growth and healing.

⚜️ You will discover how to use breathing to reduce the stress and anxiety we face every day at work, in the streets, and in personal life. You will learn the power of conscious breathing to expand consciousness and bring more peace and love to yourself.

💎 During the seminars, using breathing, you will learn to:

✔️ Transform thoughts, body, and spirit;

✔️ Awaken healing and creative energies;

✔️ Become more conscious and alert;

✔️ Relax more quickly and deeply in various life situations;

✔️ Aid in healing yourself and others;

✔️ Improve the flow of creative energy and activate vitality.

✔️ You will learn special breathing techniques, exercises, and meditations that can bring more depth to your feelings, relationships, and life in general. You will learn ancient and unique breathing exercises and techniques that will help improve your physical condition, psychological and emotional health, personal growth and development, athletic endurance, business management, intuition, and much more.

✔️ You will learn secrets passed down by great sages, yogis, masters, saints, and warriors capable of controlling breath, thoughts, body, and emotions.

🏅 Dan Brule teaches the secrets of breathing to Olympic athletes, elite fighters and martial arts masters, top psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, consultants, and coaches. One of them is the internationally renowned star Tony Robbins.

🌞 In July, Dan Brule is coming to Lithuania to share his knowledge with you!!!

🗓️ July 26th (Friday) seminar time 19:00 – 22:00.

🗓️ July 27th (Saturday) seminar time 19:00 – 22:00.

🗓️ August 2nd (Friday) seminar time 19:00 – 22:00.

🗓️ August 3rd (Saturday) seminar time 19:00 -22:00.



📍Price for one seminar: 75 Eur

📍Registering for 4 seminars cost – 500 Eur.

GOOD NEWS: BY registering BEFORE July 1st, and attending all four days, you will pay not 500, but 450 EUR.

If you cannot be present all four days, invite your friends to join!

🎁 Participants in the specialist program can attend the seminars as guests/assistants, but registration is also REQUIRED.

🎯 LOCATION: Panorama Hotel, Address: Seinų g. 4, Vilnius

📍Bring with you: a yoga mat, a blanket to cover yourself, notes, a writing tool. Dress code: comfortable, non-restrictive.

📎To register please contact and provide your: name, surname, email address,  days of participation.

Registration is confirmed upon payment: 

Registration is confirmed upon payment: Payment details: Aušra Kazlauskaitė LT324010049500427253 Purpose: Dan Brule seminar (date/dates)

📩For inquiries, contact: 💟Join us on Facebook: Dan Brule Lithuania Events

💎 Words from Dan Brule, shared with seminar participants: “I wish people knew that they can change their ‘mind-body system’ using conscious breathing to open up and receive more energy, to let the energy flow… Because most often, a person’s system contracts, suddenly receiving a huge amount of energy. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s immense pain, immense love, immense peace, or immense joy. If there’s a huge amount of energy, a person’s system automatically (unconsciously) contracts, blocks… So even if we consciously desire more love, more divine energy, our bodies often tense up from the intensity, and minds ‘unconsciously’ shut down. That’s why spiritual breathing is used, to be more open to receiving subtler, higher energy. And of course, we use conscious breathing to liberate our powers, to embody our Highest Self. We use breathing to become completely free!

💎 Testimonials from people after Dan Brule’s trainings: “Dan Brulé is a true master. He provides knowledge, insights, the whole science, in an understandable and clear manner. I am amazed that such a professional is also so sincere and warm. I am glad that I participated in his trainings; these trainings have greatly expanded my understanding of human health, lifestyle, I received more than I expected.” Daina “I really liked the seminar, I got a lot of new insights which I will apply practically with clients.” Paulius “Being in the teacher’s energy is incredibly good, just being near him inspires and charges, you feel accepted as you are, it’s like a spiritual awakening, such love and peace in the heart. I learned a lot from the Teacher and over the 4 years I have been participating in his trainings I learn new things, get inspired, and am filled with his inexhaustible source of love.” Dalia “Simply wow, I have participated in a session before, but with Dan, it is another level, such an inspiring teacher, extremely pleasant and friendly, I felt so calm and safe with him. I received a lot of useful information and insights, the event and trainings were well organized. I am very grateful.” Kristina

💎 The event is organized by: Aušra Kazlauskaitė- yoga (RYS200), meditation, and rebirthing teacher. Personal growth coach, coaching specialist (ICF), hypnotherapist, lecturer, leading seminars and courses on personal efficiency topics. Working with individuals in personal sessions since 2020. Organizer of mindfulness, experiential camps in Lithuania and abroad. Ayurveda practitioner working with theta healing, reiki, crystal therapy. Deepening knowledge in Vedic scriptures, studying psychotherapy (HEPI).

💟 You are invited and welcome!