Breathing masterclass of breathing master Dan Brule (USA) (certificate of participation is provided) in Vilnius
July 28

Liepos 28d. kvėpavimo meistro Dan Brule (JAV) kvėpavimo meistriškumo klasė (suteikiamas dalyvavimo pažymėjimas) Vilniuje

Change your Breath. Change Your Life.

🏅 Professional Development and Recertification Program for Breathing Specialists.


  • Everyone who has participated in Dan Brule’s training program for breathing professionals;
  • All those who have gained experience working with people;
  • Anyone wishing to start working with people;
  • Those who want to improve their quality of life, integrate practices into everyday life, and manage their attention, energy, thoughts;
  • Professionals in their field: yoga teachers, coaches, hypnotherapists, medical specialists, rebirthing instructors, to elevate their qualifications, deepen their knowledge, and gain skills and competencies.

⭐️ The program includes:

  • New breathing assistance techniques during breathing sessions;
  • New breathing and energy techniques for pain and disease treatment, designed for people with cancer or AIDS, and those suffering from nausea or migraines;
  • Breathing exercises for asthma;
  • Breathing techniques for depression;
  • “Extreme breathing” and “tactical breathing” for soldiers, martial arts practitioners, and athletes (can be applied in daily life situations);
  • Breathing exercises for singers, wind instrument musicians, speakers;
  • The latest spiritual breathing exercises and techniques;
  • Breathing exercises to accelerate personal development;
  • Techniques and meditations for connecting with the Higher Self;
  • Breathing meditations and exercises for merging with the Source;
  • Breathing for cleansing, balancing, and activating the body’s energy centers;
  • The Art of Breathing: according to Babaji, Swami Rama, Patanjali, Leonard Orr;
  • Methods and ways to introduce breathing to a wider audience, advertising and marketing ideas, and tips.
  • Group breathing session with the master.

💎 About Dan Brulé:

  • A globally renowned pioneer and teacher of breathing techniques, who has worked with the world’s top recognized medical experts, corporate leaders, and specialists in various fields, including Tony Robbins.
  • Author of eight best-selling books in his field. The book “Just Breathe” has been translated into Lithuanian.
  • Master of Prana Yoga and Chi Kung
  • Since 1970, Dan has personally trained more than 150,000 people in 67 different countries to use breathing for self-healing, spiritual awakening, and improving their well-being.
  • Former U.S. Navy Deep Sea Medical Diver and Vietnam veteran
  • Lifelong learner of the healing arts, Zen, and Meditation
  • Founded the International Institute of Life Skills and Healing Arts
  • A breathing missionary and guru, traveling the world for over 45 years helping people discover themselves through various breathing techniques.
  • Recognized expert in his field, for whom breathing is a passion and calling.
  • Has helped improve the quality of life for all practitioners of his breathing method.


🗓️ DATE: JULY 28th

🕐 TIME: 10:00- 18:00 (Lunch break – 12:00- 13:00 – Lunch included in the price)

🧘‍♀️ Participants can arrive at 09:00 for a yoga lesson (40min)

📍 Masterclass price: 300 EUR

📍 LOCATION: Panorama Hotel, Address: Seinų g. 4, Vilnius

❗️ Bring with you: yoga mat, a blanket to cover yourself, comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.


To register please contact and provide your: name, surname, email address,  day of participation.

Registration is confirmed upon payment:

Payment details:

  • Aušra Kazlauskaitė
  • LT324010049500427253
  • Purpose: Dan Brule Masterclass

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Testimonials from people after Dan Brule’s seminars:

“Dan Brulé is a true master. He provides knowledge, insights, all scientifically, in an understandable and clear manner. I am amazed that such a professional is also so sincere and warm. I am glad that I participated in his training; these trainings have greatly expanded my understanding of human health, lifestyle, I received more than I expected.” Daina

“I really enjoyed the seminar, I got a lot of new insights which I will apply with clients practically.” Paulius

“Being in the teacher’s energy is very good, just being near him inspires and charges, you feel accepted as you are, it’s like a spiritual awakening, such love and peace in the heart. I learned a lot from the Teacher and over the 4 years I have been participating in his trainings I learn new things, get inspired, and am filled with his inexhaustible source of love.” Dalia

“Just wow, I have participated in a session before, but with Dan, it is another level, such an inspiring teacher, extremely pleasant and friendly, I felt so calm and safe with him. I received a lot of useful information and insights, the event and trainings were well organized. I am very grateful.” Kristina

The event is organized by: Aušra Kazlauskaitė- yoga (RYS200), meditation, and rebirthing teacher. Personal growth coach, coaching specialist (ICF), hypnotherapist, lecturer, leading seminars and courses on personal efficiency topics. Working with individuals in personal sessions since 2020. Organizer of mindfulness, experiential camps in Lithuania and abroad. Ayurveda practitioner working with theta healing, reiki, crystal therapy. Deepening knowledge in Vedic scriptures, studying psychotherapy (HEPI).More at (

💟You are invited and welcome!