Breathing master Dan Brule (USA) breathing art workshop in Vilnius
July 26-27


💎 Two-Day Workshops on the Fundamentals and Techniques of Breathing Art

⭐️ Breathing control is an art that supports maintaining physical and mental health at the highest level throughout life, offering immense freedom in life.

⭐️ Your breathing is the key to a better, higher quality, healthier, more energetic life. Breathing is the only process in your body that is automatic, but at the same time, can be controlled. These workshops are an invitation to participate in your own evolution because breathing is life itself.

💎 About Dan Brulé:

  • A globally renowned pioneer and teacher of breathing techniques, having worked with the world’s top recognized medical experts, corporate leaders, and specialists in various fields, including Tony Robbins.
  • Author of eight best-selling books in his field. The book “Just Breathe” has been translated into Lithuanian.
  • Master of Prana Yoga and Chi Kung
  • Since 1970, Dan has personally trained more than 150,000 people in 67 different countries to use breathing for self-healing, spiritual awakening, and improving their well-being.
  • Former U.S. Navy Deep Sea Medical Diver and Vietnam veteran
  • Lifelong learner of the art of healing, Zen, and Meditation
  • Founded the International Institute of Life Skills and Healing Art
  • A breathing missionary and guru, who has been traveling the world for over 45 years helping people discover themselves through various breathing techniques.
  • Recognized expert in his field, for whom breathing is a passion and calling.
  • Has helped improve the quality of life for all practitioners of his breathing method.

💎 Conscious Breathing is a fundamental skill beneficial for individuals or teams with big goals. It helps to be productive, efficient, and innovative. You will learn to manage your energy, maintain health, and have stable and harmonious relationships with others. Breathing skills can be integrated into:

  • business
  • health and healing
  • sports
  • spiritual practices

💠 These workshops are for you if you want to:

✔️ Develop breathing skills that can be practically applied in all life situations.

✔️ Create a solid foundation of breathing practices and knowledge to become a conscious breathing practitioner/teacher in the future.

✔️ Integrate breathing into your professional activity if you are a psychologist, coach, physiotherapist, trainer, doctor, yoga teacher, breathing specialist, or HR consultant.

📍 Suitable for everyone interested in their health, better and more conscious life quality, mindfulness, and unlocking their potential. Both beginners and those already practicing conscious breathing can participate.

📎 Topics of the two-day Fundamentals and Techniques of Breathing workshops include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the breathing system.
  • The connection between breathing and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Essential principles of breathing and energy management.
  • The art of combining mindfulness, relaxation, and breathing.
  • Identifying breathing patterns that reflect health and dysfunction.
  • Breathing management and reprogramming the mind-body system.
  • Types of breathing.
  • Integrating breathing with other practices.
  • Practical application of breathing in various life and work situations.
  • Practical application of breathing in case of pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, addictions.
  • Breathing and business: presentations, voice control, body posture, developing senses.
  • Developing athletic skills.
  • Spirituality and activating self-healing.
  • Shamanic breathing.
  • Sufi breathing techniques.

🏅 After two days of training, each participant will receive a certificate.*

🏅 These workshops are a great start for anyone intending to become a breathing specialist.

📚 Audio and video recordings will be made available to all participants who complete the two-day seminar.

*Certificates are awarded for attending both days. Registration for one-day workshops is also possible.

✅ With the help of conscious breathing, you will:

  • Effectively reduce daily stress, anxiety, fear, and pain.
  • Clear past traumas and their emotional and physical blocks, learn to forgive and let go
  • Harmonize emotional states, deeply relax, and reconnect with yourself
  • Discover your uniqueness, activate natural talents for better self-realization
  • Develop your intuition, insight for future prospects, and personal growth
  • Learn to accept life events with a smile, gratitude, love, and peace
  • Improve relationships with others, free yourself from limiting beliefs
  • Increase energy and strength for daily actions, become more vital
  • Strengthen health, improve sleep quality, harmonize weight
  • Relax, love yourself and life, be happy, and evolve.



❗️Participants in the specialist program can attend the seminars as guests/assistants, but registration is also REQUIRED.

📍EVENT LOCATION: Panorama Hotel, Seinų g. 4, Vilnius


July 26th, 10:00 – 17:00 (lunch break 12:00 – 13:00) July 27th, 10:00 – 17:00 (lunch break 12:00 – 13:00)

Participants can arrive at 09:00 for a yoga session (40min) 🧘‍♀️

Bring with you: notebook and pen, yoga mat, blanket for covering, comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.

✓Registration for one-day workshops is also possible.

❗️Participants in the specialist program can attend the seminars as guests/assistants, but registration is also REQUIRED.❗️



To register please contact and provide your: name, surname, email address,  days of participation.

Registration is confirmed upon payment: 

Aušra Kazlauskaitė


Money transferred cannot be refunded. If you are unable to attend, you may invite friends, relatives, or acquaintances to participate in your place.

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📩 For questions,please contact:

The event is organized by: Aušra Kazlauskaitė- yoga (RYS200), meditation and rebirthing teacher. Personal growth coach, coaching specialist (ICF), hypnotherapist, lecturer, leading seminars and courses on personal efficiency topics. Working with individuals in personal sessions since 2020. Organizer of mindfulness, experiential camps in Lithuania and abroad. Ayurveda practitioner working with theta healing, reiki, crystal therapy. Deepening knowledge in Vedic scriptures, studying psychotherapy (HEPI).

💟You are invited and welcome!

We look forward to seeing you at this life changing event!