Breath Mastery Practitioner Training with Dan Brule (USA) July 29 – August 4



Training that will change your life

Dan Brulé’s Breath Mastery breathing practitioner training will take place in Vilnius from July 29th to August 4h.

Live practice, especially in breathing techniques, provides the most benefits, understanding, and comprehension.

💎 About Dan Brulé:

  • A globally renowned pioneer and teacher of breathing techniques, who has worked with the world’s top recognized medical experts, corporate leaders, and specialists in various fields, including Tony Robbins.
  • Author of eight best-selling books in his field. The book “Just Breathe” has been translated into Lithuanian.
  • Master of Prana Yoga and Chi Kung
  • Since 1970, Dan has personally trained more than 150,000 people in 67 different countries to use breathing for self-healing, spiritual awakening, and improving their well-being.
  • Former U.S. Navy Deep Sea Medical Diver and Vietnam veteran
  • Lifelong learner of the healing arts, Zen, and Meditation
  • Founded the International Institute of Life Skills and Healing Arts
  • A breathing missionary and guru, traveling the world for over 45 years helping people discover themselves through various breathing techniques.
  • Recognized expert in his field, for whom breathing is a passion and calling.
  • Has helped improve the quality of life for all practitioners of his breathing method.


If you wish to learn from breathing master Dan Brule, who has worked in over 60 countries worldwide, and receive training information, please email us at –

🔷 DATE: July 29d – August 4d.
🔷 TIME: July 29d. – August 1d. 10:00 – 18:00
August 2d. – 4d. 10:00 – 17:00 (Lunch Break:  12:00-13:00)
🔷 PLACE: Panorama Hotel
Adress:  Seinų g. 4, Vilnius
*Certification (85 a. hours of theory and practice)
*Practitioners can join workshops and seminars as GUESTS!

Day One:

  • The Core Techniques and Fundamentals
  • The Formula for Transformation and The cornerstones
  • Principles and Practice of Breath Therapy & the 8 Paths in Breathwork
  • Deep Dive Breathwork Session

Day Two:

  • Hacking Into Your Brain, Your Nervous System, and Your Immune System
  • Managing Your Mental and Emotional states
  • Finding Inspiration and Accessing Intuition
  • Guided Breathwork Session:

Day Three:

  • Awakening Heart Intelligence and Miracle Consciousness
  • Connecting to the Divine Within and Around Us
  • Still Point Breathing: Dropping into Source
  • Paired Breathing Sessions

Day Four:

  • Understanding and overcoming habits, patterns, and creative blocks
  • Exploring Beliefs and Higher Levels of Consciousness
  • Dealing with grief, life changes, and trauma
  • Transformational Breathwork Session

Day Five:

  •  Breathing into Your Real True Self
  •  Building Collective Consciousness and Creating Group Flow
  •  Purpose, Mission and Vision Process
  •  Spiritual Breathing Session

Days Six:

  • Practical Applications of Breathing—Dealing with Specific Issues and Challenges
  • Sharing the Breath with Others—Coaching Tips and Assists
  • Guiding and Facilitating One-on-One Conscious Breathing Sessions
  • Breathwork Coaching Session Demos

 Day Seven:

  • Integrating Breathwork with Your Existing Practice
  • Advanced and Practitioner level Training Materials
  • Clarifying and Owning Your Skills and Take-Aways
  • Completion Session, and Celebration.

PRICE: 1200 Eur

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We look forward to seeing you at this life changing event!